Snowmobile Trails
Everett Township has great Groomed snowmobile trails starting at the Welcome Center/Trail Head 5 miles south of White Cloud on M-37, and go North all the way to the Mackinaw Bridge Trails are open from December 1-March 31. phone number is 231-652-9298
In the welcome Center you can get trail maps and has Bathrooms you can use, This office also houses the
 Newaygo County parks 
Newaygo County CVB
Newaygo County Snowmobile Club "Snow Chasers"
Michigan snowmobile maps       Just click on your county.
This site also has a large parking lot for snowmobile trailers on the west side of M-37 We keep the trail groomer there also.
On the east side of M-37 you will find the Welcome Center with Graves lodge that you can rent as well as a 400' + hill for sledding.

ORV'S are allowed on all Newaygo County Roads, not state roads M-20 or M-37 you must stay off state roads.
Newaygo County ORV Ordinance

                               North Country Trail
The North Country Trail goes throught Everett Township use the link to know more about it.
North Country Trail

                                  Equestrian Trails
Newaygo County has a new Equestrian Club that has formed and it is based here in Everett Township
NEED Trails = Newaygo County Equestrians for Enjoyment and Development of Trails
DNR State Wide Equestrian Network Plan

 Everett  Township
    1516 E. 8th. st
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